Why “Color Living?”

No doubt many of you will take one look at this blog site and wonder what I was thinking. There are several ways you could interpret the name, which could leave one confused. As it turns out, it is not hard to explain!

I love old films! I love to witness the growth that cinema has undergone to reach the amazing point of clarity, special effects, and acting as we enjoy them today. One of my favorite films ever made gives a visual expression of this love in what I feel is a beautiful way. Yes, the film I speak of is The Wizard of Oz. The world of beauty that Dorothy is suddenly thrown into after living a drab, colorless life, to me, is the visual essence of the journey cinema has taken. And I believe the journey of cinema is similar to the journey of life, where every day we improve upon ourselves in heart, skill, mind, etc. We step out of a colorless world of black and white and, sometimes for the very first time, enter into a beautiful world of color where we can experience incredible Color Living.


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