Operation: Baby’s First Birthday Party – Episode 1

So, I knew after the birth of our daughter that I wanted to try to have an awesome party. I also knew that we could afford to buy much for any party we threw. And I knew this would mean I would be making most or all of my decorations by hand and possibly doing even more. Accomplishing some of this would require a lot of time! So, if there would be even a small possibility of pulling it off, I knew I needed to start planning early. And that’s just what I’m doing!

Side Note: I’ll be releasing updates on my progress with this party as I go! As of right now, the planning stage is where I am. But, I’m very excited to begin crafting the party décor! I hope you’ll check back in and join me for the whole of this Wonderland journey. Now, moving on.

To start, I grabbed some copy paper and began sketching a rough idea of what I wanted the house party to look like inside the home. The theme: An Adventure Through Onederland. I plan for each room to be a different place to visit inside Wonderland.
I pulled out a journal that was given to me during my pregnancy and went to town!

With this journal I started breaking down each room and making some semi-detailed notes for different room themes and decorations I wanted to incorporate. I used the left side of the book to sketch a rough draft of the room, the size, stations, etc., and the right side of the book to list everything I wanted to happen in the room with connecting notes. The next two pages were left free for additional notes regarding anything new I would think of later or anything forgotten this time around.
(So it was a really rough draft!)

With my breakdown of the house complete, I can now move on to phase 2 – creating a list of things to make vs things to buy! The ultimate goal being, to create a successful party on a limited budget. Realistically, whatever I put on this list will probably look a little different in the end, depending on last-minute time availability.

I hope you’ll enjoy sharing this journey with me and get some ideas along the way for your own amazing birthday, budget friendly parties!


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