Remembering Flexibility

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a father who loved punctuality and a mother who was known for always running behind. From a young age she decided she would always make it her goal to be on time, if not early, wherever she went!

This was my story in school, in gatherings and events, and even in meeting personal goals for many years until (cue music to an abrupt and screwy halt) my life took a turn. A turn for the better mind you, but a change nonetheless! This change can be described in one word. Family. As a single person there was little to no issues getting where I was going or doing what needed done. Getting married added a new layer of complexity that I had underestimated in the beginning. Having a child added an even larger dose of complexity to the game and it was then that my suspicions were confirmed. When you have family, you not only have multiple bodies, but multiple schedules, and multiple needs, etc., and nothing is the same. You just can’t expect to always get everything accomplished in the amount of time you desire, or sometimes at all. One of the main ideals you must adopt is “flexibility, flexibility, flexibility.” If you can’t be flexible and roll with the punches, you’ll be miserable and in turn, so will be your family. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m advising you to give up. Oh, not at all! Keep those goals. Keep trying to get done what you want. But, don’t forget to enjoy the ride; try not to stress out; be ready to incorporate a plan “B”; and perhaps more importantly, find and look for the humor in everything!! They say, if mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. So, let’s make sure we do whatever we can to keep the needless bad attitudes to a minimum and the enjoyable moments in family just that; Enjoyable.


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