Our Bought with Infant Eczema

So, at nearly four months of age, our daughter developed a rash. It was pretty bad and came out of nowhere! I didn’t notice it much until after I gave her a bath and she’d been dry and dressed a couple of hours. Then, bam!! During a diaper change I noticed her whole front was a bright cherry red!!


(Forgive the quality of my phone camera mixed with shaky hands and wiggly baby!)

Needless to say I was horrified, of course, and immediately began reading articles and forums. It was a weekend and I didn’t have an after hours number for our pediatrician; I’ve had success in reading mom forums concerning other matters, so it seemed like a good course of action. I read and read, then looked and looked at pictures of other baby rashes. After much research, I decided that Eczema seemed to fit her symptoms best. I then started trying various home remedies to see if we could get the rash under control.

First, I tried coconut oil after another bath; it did help some for a little while, but it didn’t send the rash packing! I then tried an oatmeal bath and that seemed to calm the rash down best.  My husband wasn’t convinced that it was eczema though, so we tried a few rash creams on hand and after some failure there, we started treating it like a heat rash; plain water bath and then leave it alone. The good news was, it didn’t make the rash any worse.

When we finally hit Monday morning and I called the Dr. office, the nurse didn’t seem very concerned. She (like my husband) thought it was a heat rash, told me a few things to try, compiled a bag of free samples for me to pick up and assured me that it would be gone by the next week (baby’s four month check up.) I picked up the samples, bathed her again to try some of the samples, but to no avail. In fact, the product seemed to be irritating the rash all over again. So I ended up washing everything off again and waiting a day or so to try another sample. Long story short, none of the samples worked and I went back to doing nothing but warm water baths. At the four month appointment, the pediatrician told me the rash was Eczema and gave some product names to try for soaps and lotion time.

Can I just say, that I was surprised – no, floored that all of the recommendations (from the nurse and pediatrician) were adult products! I had never heard of such a thing – who knew that anyone would recommend exposing such tender, sensitive skin to (in my opinion) such harsh and strong products?! And surprise, surprise, the adult soaps he recommended were too hard on her skin and made the rash worse all over again! It was then that I decided to pull out the lavender Aveeno Baby wash that had been given to me at a baby shower. Up to that point I’d been using a baby wash brand that my sister loved using with her boys. It wasn’t a bad brand, but I sadly couldn’t use it any longer for her body, but I knew Aveeno Baby was an oatmeal base. I’d had a good response to the oatmeal bath I’d given the prior week, so this was sure to work better than anything else, right?! I also decided to forgo the adult lotion the pediatrician mentioned and only use the adult hemorrhoid cream plus Aveeno Eczema Therapy moisturizing cream; but I didn’t want to use the hemorrhoid cream any longer than absolutely necessary. I’d been instructed to bathe her daily and use the hemorrhoid cream and lotion twice a day. However, I only followed this instruction for a couple of days before I backed down on the hemorrhoid cream to once a day, then cut the it’s use to occasionally during the week and used mainly the Aveeno Baby wash and Eczema Therapy cream. After a couple days more I was also able to reduce use in the Eczema Therapy cream and I only use it when I feel a need. I’ve pulled out the hemorrhoid cream only a couple of times since then, but only if I feel like it’s really necessary. I would always rather use the Aveno first before resorting to adult hemorrhoid cream.


(What her tummy looks like today)

The rash that started out so terrible looking has now been reduced to only  to some occasional bumps on her arms and legs. Our experience with baby Eczema is probably mild compared to most, but I can’t help but want to share the story in hopes that, perhaps, you will be encouraged. I also would like to suggest that you try Aveeno if you haven’t yet! Though the bath wash/shampoo isn’t specifically made for Eczema, it is mild in fragrance and the oatmeal base ingredient of the product is so gentle on their skin! The Aveeno Eczema Therapy cream is specifically designed for the condition and it works in a matter of days, and is still made for the sensitive skin of a baby.


(What to look for…)

When no other baby product would work (or adult product for that matter,) Aveeno was there for our baby, and hasn’t let her down yet. Here’s hoping for success in your search for relief to your baby’s struggle with Eczema!



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