If you are the parent of a child going into third grade this year, get out your calendars and start setting cash back now for a great Summer vacation! Heck, if you have a child of any age under 4th grade, start planning today for the most awesome vacation ever. If you love traveling, sightseeing, etc., and need to start saving early for vacations, trust me, this one is going to be worth it!
If you haven’t heard of the Every Kid in a Park project, now is the time to start researching! This program is looking to provide every child a window in their life that will allow them to see all U.S. national parks for free! That’s right, your 4th grader (or 4th grader to be come school year end) can enter parks for free until the end of their 4th grade year. Did you hear? Free!!

And if this alone wasn’t exciting enough, hang into your hat! There is one park that they can get you in for free too!! Yes, it’s true! What park would this be and would it be worth it to start planning your vacation today? Yes, I Believe it would. Because, the park I speak of is non other than Yellowstone National Park!

Yellowstone charges by car, not person, and with your child in your car and them having the free pass, you get a free pass too! How awesome is that?! And there are so many things you can do along the way and so much to see in between! 

Even though our daughter hasn’t even entered Pre-K yet (and won’t for a long time), my husband and I have already begun to plan the biggest vacation of our lives! When a friend of his shared about their own vacation to Yellowstone and how they got in free, it soon erupted into a desire for more on our part; more countryside, more hiking, more camping, more national park adventures! And so, we have developed the makings of a schedule to complete the year one of our children can have their free park pass. 

We’ll do a lot of camping along the way, and have various stops between parks. Well have great teaching opportunities for our children about the great world we live, and we’ll probably also have opportunity to teach important survival skills along the way.

It will be the adventure of a lifetime! The Great Adventure, if you will. An adventure we plan to last for nearly a month!! Why go small when you could go all the way? We sure couldn’t if we waited too long to start planning though. That’s why our plans are in the making today.

So, friends, please heed the words I say: Start now, don’t tarry, don’t delay; Start planning your vacay today!!

Visit: https://www.everykidinapark.gov/


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