Ahh, the smell of hot Coco by the fireplace, while snuggled up under a blanket as Christmas tunes play in the background. The time for all this has not quite come for many of us, but for a few it has! Either way, I don’t know that it is ever to early to start thinking ahead for those special holiday moments we wish to experience. 

When it comes to warm winter beverages, hot Coco is hard to beat (if you are a chocolate lover that is.)

Here are some recipes I have found on Pinterest for different variations of hot chocolate that I’d like to try. Perhaps one of them will help you find your own perfect cup of Coco:

Crock-Pot Thick and Creamy Hot Chocolate from Creating Through Life

Mexican Hot Coco from Premeditated Leftovers

Decadently Thick Italian Hot Chocolate from The Stay at Home Chef

Disney Land’s Hot Chocolate from Six Sisters’ Stuff

The Best DIY Creamy Hot Chocolate Mix from Living a Sunshine Life

Nutella Hot Chocolate from Café Delites

All of these recipes look fabulous to me and I hope to try each of them this season! If you are now craving hot Coco like me, but currently only have a store bought mix on hand, here are a few simple, cheating tips that might dress up your sweet cup of heaven:

1. Ditch the water entirely from the directions and use milk instead!

2. Consider adding a little extra Coco mix to your cup for an added richness.  

3. If you like it smooth and creamy, try a water and milk combo to achieve the perfect silky sip. 

4. If you are craving a spicy Mexican Hot Coco, no problem! Look in your spice cabinet for Cinnamon and Cayenne pepper! Use to taste with your Coco mix, and you’ll have your own cup of Mexican Hot Coco stand in!

5. Add a teaspoon or so of chocolate chips, or Nutella to perk it up. Or anything else you have on hand that may fit the bill!

6. Try half milk, and half heavy cream or half and half (if you have it on hand) for an even richer taste.

Even if you don’t have all the ingredients to make one of the recipes above, or a favorite of your own, a mix can still be saved with any number of tricks. Not all options are for everyone, but I hope one of these can work for you when you need more than just a store bought mix can offer – but it’s still all you have. 

Good luck, friends! Check back for more holiday postings! 



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