Oops, Clumsy Me


I was born clumsy. I spent my childhood stumbling around, tripping over my own feet, tripping over nothing at all! In highschool I decided I should just accept that I would always be the klutz of all klutzes. 

It was sometime after college I became aware that I was getting better. Oh, sure, I was still clumsy, but not nearly as much as I once was. I began to hope again that I’d grow out of it entirely, like a child eventually does that one hideous set of clothes their mom loves. Could it be? Oh, please, please!

Well, I’m here to tell you, chances are, you’ll never quite loose that little klutz living somewhere inside you. Not fully. No, that could will rear their head at just the perfect moment (i.e. most inopportune time), but it’s OK. Life goes on and good friends understand, even if they laugh with you about it then or later. Duke of us may need surgery after because, hey, or bodies aren’t getting any younger; but it still isn’t going to give the insecurity you probably felt in grade school and high school. 

So, even if you are like me and will always have some little piece of the clumsy old me inside, fear not. You are not alone. In fact, I’m willing to bet there are more of us out there than we realize. Should we start a club for klutz survivors?  Probably not, though it would be fun to see how many would join. 

Until next time, steady on, friends! Steady on!


5 thoughts on “Oops, Clumsy Me

  1. i know a friend who is that clumsy. You see her walking peacefully and see her fall one minute after puzzled as to why and how. I am glad though that i am not as clumsy but I had moments.


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