Why I Chose a Loose Leaf Baby Book

Baby books. The easiest thing in the world to find and select for your little one to be, right? Or, so I thought. I was surprised at how difficult the search was to me. I looked at books in store and on line, but nothing I found has enough of the moments I wanted to capture. Then I discovered loose leaf baby books and realized that this was the answer I’d been looking for. 

For, if and when the book didn’t have specific pages I wanted to include, all I had to do was add one of my own!

Like with my pregnancy journal, I didn’t have time to design a baby book myself, but I knew I should be able to handle adding to the book without too much of an issue. This proved to be a great alternative for me and there were only two main things I ended up being disappointed with about the book I now have – this was the fact that there were no loose leaf baby books that I could find with a pocket on the cover for both a picture and baby foot print, and there were no additional blank page packs I could locate for the books. Both were things that could be overlooked or overcome.

I still wanted to check out all my options before purchasing, but because of an early delivery I ended up asking my sister to find a loose leaf baby book in town (I’d originally planned to purchase online.) She was able to get me one at our local Hallmark store and it ended up being as good as I could have found anywhere. I’ve still added pleanty to the book and plan to add a few more things before I consider it ‘perfect’ for me. But that is what makes the binder so great!

One thing I absolutely love about the book is that it is  not just through the first year – it’s a five year memory keepsake! This was a must on my list and, so far, I haven’t regretted this decision for a moment. The longer our daughter lives, the more important it is to me that she have special keepsakes like this to have and show her own children some day. As a person who never had a baby book even purchased for (that I know of), it’s something I want to do a good job at completing for our children. Only time can tell how well oil actually do though.

So what are some of the pages I’ve added myself? Well, i did have several things in mind, for sure, but the first thing I did was browse online to get a few more ideas on what I might want to add. I also looked through my husband’s baby book to see if it had anything I’d like to see in our kid’s. Being a first time Mom and not having a book of my own to compare it to, I wasn’t really sure what was normal to have or even what direction to think. But, I finally settled on a list of things. her are some pages I knew I wanted to add (and have):

1. Baby’s first 10 days. Here you log things like hire their breathing is, if they cry a lot, how nursing is going, etc.

2. A family year in review of the year of her birth. This is not anything normal you will see in anytime else’s books. Usually these are used as Christmas cards, but I thought our kids might enjoy seeing what was going on in our lives the year of their birth. So, it got added too. 

3. A one year milestone page that recordsow many teeth, words, favorite toys words, songs, etc., etc.

4. I made and added some paper pockets to keep things like baby’s hospital bracelets and ultrasound pictures, some there were none (only a labeled spot.)

5. I also added a place to keep some loose, but special items down the road

6. There was only room to record 2 showers, but we’d had 3, plus a list of non shower gifts, so I added pages to accommodate

7. I added a page that will be a yearly interview. Each year you ask your child the same questions and watch them grow. For the first year, since I can’t interview or daughter yet, I opted to go ahead and complete the questionnaire, but made note that it was “according to Mom!”

My biggest fear with this binder will be running out of room! Especially since I plan to add a few more pages to the other years in the book (only one page to record birthday celebrations after 12 months.) There is still so much that happens after the first birthday though. Am I going overboard or setting myself up for failure? Perhaps. But regardless, I am still going to do my very best to finish a book for each of our children. 

Are you expecting and looking for the perfect baby book/memory keepsake for your little one? Stay tuned. Perhaps I can help you locate the perfect one for you!


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