Thoughts on Bucket Lists

​I recently read a post by Crave Life entitled 50 simple things. It’s an unconventional bucket list of things to do with your life. Things you forget to think about but probably wouldn’t mind doing during your lifetime. Things that are more within your reach than, say, visiting every country, or shaking the hand of every President and firmer President alive during your lifetime. 

Not everything on ever bucket list is for everybody, but it was an inspiring list for me. It birthed the question of “what things I might want to put on my own list?” For me, one of those things would be to start and complete a New Year resolution! I’ve tried to do them before, but always get so distracted by life, I forget, and before I know it the year is gone and I’ve failed, yet again to complete a resolution. 

A friend of mine one year had the ultimate list (yes list) of New Year resolution goals. It was at least 3 pages long, front and back. It was mainly this long because it had a list of books and movies she was planning to read and watch that year in addition to other personal goals. She’d taken recommendations from family, friends and students on what to put on the book and movie lists. It was a fun year for everyone watching her check items of her list. With over 100 things to achieve, some of us wondered if she would pull it off, and she was one of them. But she did! What an inspiration. 

But I’m getting away from my subject of bucket lists…

Here is a small, but simple list of my own of things that should be doable at some point in my life:

1. Meet a New Year resolution goal. (Hey, you knew this would be one)

2. Make a quilt for each of our children.

3. Come up with an easy and regular meal plan routine.

4. Get creative on tasty ways to get more veggies in our family meals that will actually get eaten.

5. Go on regular/semi regular nature walks.

6. Hang my pictures on the wall still waiting around after our move!

7. Loose 10 pounds.

8. Write more regularly (stories, not blogs)

9. Begin Christmas crafting several months early.

10. Start an herb garden.

Most of these are probably specific to me, but if you would like to start a list of your own, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Start an emergency/savings fund. 60% of Americans can’t afford unplanned expenses. Even though Dr. build can for sure fit in, I’m not talking Cancer; I mean engine trouble, dead appliances that affect you storred foods, job loss, etc. Having a 3-6 month emergency fund in place at all times can eliminate a lot of stress, and mess. But you have to build it over time. Start with whatever you can afford each paycheck. Even if it’s just a few dollars at a time. 
  • Watch a classic movie new to you with your partner or a friend. There are some great ones out there, and if like to believe that there is at least one everyone can enjoy.
  • Try something new each month for a year. See what new hobbies, sports, or foods you fall in love with. 
  • Find a way to give back to your community in ways you’ll be sure to repeat.
  • Sponsor a child, or house a foreign exchange student. Building relationships with these kids can start out as an act of love or charity towards them, but it can end a real blessing to you! 

Well I hope some of this has been an inspiration to you. Check out the link above to the article by Crave Life and see if there are things we don’t have that you want on your own list, and let me know what those are.

Until then, happy trails!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Bucket Lists

  1. Your list is great! I love that you included giving back as well. The early Christmas shopping was something I was going to attempt this year as well. lol We’ll see how that goes. Thanks again for the link on your blog. Really appreciate it. 🙂


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