My 30 Day Challenge for the Facebook Community

You know that friend. You’ve been that friend. And so have I. Facebook gets addictive for everyone at least once it seems, and when Facebookers live to post about their lives, sometimes we can let things get a little too personal or out of control. And you know what I’m talking about there too! There is the angry at the world friend, the woe is me friend, the I’m broke, please give money friend, the obliviously and constantly inappropriate friend, and sometimes the friend who is all of the above. There’s even the friend that Ted Mosbey and the group from How I Met Your Mother might define as the Oh, Honey friend, but perhaps we shouldn’t count her, beside we’d be saying ‘oh, honey’ regardless of how much she posted. The list of negative friends seems to be a little endless to me.

These are often the friends that post the things that undoubtedly will bring me down, sadden my heart, and encourage me to do something better with my time. I don’t want or need their negativity. Sometimes the best answer is to delete them as a Facebook friend, but sometimes this isn’t an option. 

The constant flow of posts filled with (often pointless and unjustified) anger, the incredibly poor financial choices that end with comments with hidden requests for a handout, the neverending downright depressing posts from someone who refuses all helpful advice from even their counselors, and the belittling on social media of their husbands, children, parents and friends… It is just to much for me sometimes. 

So, which friend was I when I posted everything? I don’t know, but I’m not sure I want to know either. What I do know is that I’m working harder than ever to be the positive friend. 

Being positive isn’t even that hard. You don’t have to only post words of wisdom, or encouragement, or even scriptures to be a positive friend (though I do like seeing those daily scripture posts, myself). Do you know what is required to be a positive posting friend?? It’s easy: just don’t be negative. By altering your thinking on how you word posts, you can easily go from the red zone into green. 

Instead of posting: I’m so upset with my loud neighbors for keeping me awake, you could instead post: my neighbors have been loud and kept me awake for X # of nights. Does anyone have suggestions for noise blocking during sleep that I can try?

See the difference? You may still be frustrated with those neighbors, but you at least aren’t sharing that negativity with everyone. 

Now, just to be clear, I realize we all need to vent sometimes about the crap we endure – no argument there! But please, choose your battles in negativity just like you should with family arguments. Not everything is necessary to share, just like not everything is worth fighting about. Everyone will be happier. 

And so, I’ve decided to try something different here. Most of us have encountered a 30 day challenge for this or that, but had there ever been a challenge involving your Facebook posts? Well, there is now!

I challenge you, whoever you are, whenever you read this article (even if it’s years after my post date), to do the following for the next 30 days:

1. Think before you write/post. What is it you are wanting to say.

2. Ask yourself “Is that a negative point of view?” 

3. And then ask “How can I be more positive/remove the negativity?”

4. Only post positivity. Nothing negative can be connected with your profile. 

At the end of your 30 days, feel free to come back and find me. I’d love to hear how the challenge affected your life or if it did at all. I hope you discover about yourself that you are already very positive, but if you learn otherwise, I hope the exercise can help you grow to be a more positive thinker. 

Life is so full of crap already. Let’s do what we can to lessen the burden.

This article was inspired by the word of the day prompt, subdued.


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