My 30 Day Challenge for the Facebook Community – Daily Challenges and Exercises

​My 30 Day Challenge for the Facebook Community begins today, and I’m in the process of compiling some daily aids to help you achieve your goals. If you don’t find them helpful, no biggie! Feel free to let me know things that you have found to be helpful to you though, I’d love to hear about them! The whole point is to get yourself thinking and speaking more positively; it doesn’t really matter the tools you use to get there. 

Since this is a brand new challenge to me too (hey, I only thought of creating it yesterday!) I’ll probably have several posts to update and improve the challenge anyway through the years. But we can’t find a better road without first choosing a road to begin traveling. 

Like I said, I’m still in the process of creating the daily challenges. Please check back with me at this post for the remaining daily challenges tomorrow. If you have a suggestion for a daily exercise, please leave me a comment and I’ll take note of it. 

Now, without further ado here is your first challenge:

Day 1 – Try a day of silence and reflection. Without posting on your wall, comments, reply, messages, meditate on what words you think you might be saying for those around you to read. You can still navigate FB as normal, but do not engage in conversation. Think about the words you want to say and if they would be positive posts or if they could most definitely have a negative impact on your readers. Ask yourself how many different ways you could write say your peace, but in positive ways. 

Day 2 – Allow yourself one post today, but make it a good one. It can be on your wall, a comment or reply, a message, or a note. It should be uplifting to you. Continue meditating on the words you would normally respond with and if they hold any negativity. 

Day 3 – Set your own post restrictions, but post only positive things. Don’t allow yourself free reign of Facebook yet.

Day 4 – Today, you are free to fully engage in Facebook. But, remember to continue thinking about your words before posting. 

Day 5 – Post something super positive/uplifting about someone close to you who you know you don’t day enough good things about.

Day 6 – If you see Facebook friends posting something negative, ask how you could help them change their perspective into something positive, select one friend and offer up those words of encouragement. Choose everything wisely with this challenge!

Day 7 – An end of the week day of silence and meditation. Reflect on the past week and how your thought process has changed (or hasn’t); ask yourself what you should work on and set an attainable goal for yourself to work on over the next 7 days.

Day 8 – Homework day! Focus on the goal all you set for yourself.

Day 9 – What goes in must come out.  listen to and watch positive things today (music, movies, videos, etc.) Post about how something like these affect your attitude for the best. If you are up for it, the K-Love radio station has their own 30 day challenge when it comes to turning on the tunes!

Day 10 – Focus on your goal. If you’ve accomplished it already, great job! What is another goal you can set?

Day 11 – Get out and do something new and exciting, out just do something you love and write about about it. What do you like/love about it? How does it encourage your heart/soul, etc., etc.?

Day 12 – Say something kind/loving about someone you know that you’ve spoken negativity about before on social media (perhaps on a regular basis.) Was it your mom, dad, spouse, sibling, etc.? They probably have no clue, right? You know who they are!

Day 13 – Turn a negative feeling about yourself into something positive! We all have that one thing we get down on ourselves about. What is it for you? How could you find anything positive in connection with this for any other person? Example: are you overweight? People love you for you, not for the scale numbers. Such love from those close to you is worthy of a post filled with gratitude for them in your life. 

Day 14 – Day of reflection and personal goals. Reflect again on how things are going, improvements or lack of, new goals you want to reach, post goals you have reached or are still working on.

Day 15 – Homework day; self assessment. 

Day 16 – 


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