Trusting Again

Trust. As a small child I remember it being so easy to trust everyone in everything; my parents, their friends, our family, my friends, their family, leaders, teachers… It was a world where everyone looked or for the interests of others. A carefree world. That’s the beauty of childhood, I suppose. But, with each passing year, my view changed more and more as I slowly realized the hard, sad reality; that part of it humanity means that everyone will let someone down at one time or another. 

Sometimes the hurt from abandonment, deceit, or otherwise can be so great our trust in others is completely broken and we begin to doubt the people we can and should always count on. But nothing is ever so broken that it can’t be mended. 

Healing can take time, but trust can rise again, and with it will rise a new wisdom inside of you. A wisdom that can both protect you from being hurt that way again and even protect you from building walls too high or too strong. 

I’ve had my trust broken by others more than once in my lifetime. And it’s always been by someone I expected to be different, though later I realized why those expectations were unwarranted. You can see the warning signs if you are paying attention. What you choose to do with the broken pieces though is up to you, and will have a great deal to do with who you will become, or what kind of boundaries or prisons you create for yourself. 

Trust me, people, those prisons… Not a healthy place to put yourself. Boundaries are the answer, not the prison walls. I hope you will be and have been unlike past me, and choose to do the healthy things for yourself. 

Until next time, friends, treat yourself right! Blessings!


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