So Thankful for Friends

“So, are we still good for you to babysit tomorrow?” I messaged my sister. I’d asked her to look after our one year old a month earlier and double checked with her again that things were still a go a week prior to this. You can imagine my shock and frustration when her response came in, “Oh, no! We are our of town. I’m so sorry. It was very last-minute and we had to go.” 

While I couldn’t wrap my head around what made it so necessary to go to the closest tour trap city near us, my frustration was still able to subside with each message she sent. I could tell she was genuinely feeling like a heal. I tried to let her know I want upset with her (because by now I wasn’t and thankfully hasn’t joined at it earlier) and immediately sent a text to one of my very best two friends to ask the last minute favor. 

I felt an urgent need to find a replacement as soon as possible, because my Dr. appointment the next morning wouldn’t really allow me to take a toddler, or at least would promise (let’s call it) an “interesting” experience that I wasn’t excited to have. I would be in that office over an hour and didn’t want to corral a teething tot while trying to focus on things there. 

I was so relieved when my friend responded, “Of course! I’d be glad to help you out.” She has two children of her own under 3 with another on the way, but she has always made it known that her doors are always open. And they have been! Any time this has happened to me before (and it has), my friend has always come through for me! She never takes money and always offers to do it again “any time.”

I only regret that sometimes my schedule keeps me from being so wonderful for her! To often one had to say no, but I will always say yes whenever I can! And hopefully, someday I can be as wonderful a reliable friend as she is to me. 

I thanked her over and over again for all her help and even thanked her kids for playing with our daughter. My friend’s oldest gave a very grown up “you’re welcome,” feeling her own important contribution. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so thankful for friends since our journey in parenthood began.

True friends are such a blessing. May we all bless their lives back as much as we possibly can!


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