Welcome to my corner of the world! I look forward to spending time with you here in my virtual home. I’ll share my passions, free advice (that you can take our leave at will), fun activities, and more! You are, of course, welcome to share each moment with me every step of the way.

I would like to mention some housekeeping items. Since this is my “virtual home” and I’ve invited you in, I would greatly appreciate it if you would respect each item mentioned:

1. Please make yourself “@ home” here and feel free to engage in conversation.

2. Please be respectful to each other in your responses to one another. If your comments become disrespectful or are perceived to be spoken in a hateful manner, I reserve the right to remove your comment(s).

3. Do not use profanity on my blog. If you choose to do so, I reserve the right to remove your comment(s).

4. I also reserve the right to change and update the House Rules as I see necessary.

5. Have a wonderful and fun time sharing life with me!

Blessings to you all!